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Footsteps of Faith-NOW AVAILABLE

The Faith-Building True Story of God’s Direction, Provision, and Protection in the Life of the Granddaughter of Charles and Florence Personeus, Pioneer Missionaries to Alaska
A Memoir by AnnaLee Conti

Growing up in a missionary family in Alaska, AnnaLee became aware of her Creator at a young age. From her parents’ and grandparents’ example of living by faith, she learned to trust God to supply her every need. The devastating Good Friday Earthquake of 1964 brought AnnaLee and her husband together when she transferred to the University of Alaska Fairbanks on an earthquake-relatedness scholarship. Bob Conti planned a military career. His testimony spans three continents—from a tree in Greece to a dark night in Alaska to a bloody battlefield in Vietnam. Through a historic flood in Fairbanks, a fear-filled tour in Vietnam, and an Army assignment in Rhode Island, God directed the Contis’ footsteps into full-time ministry in New York State. The author shares their journey in this exciting sequel to Frontiers of Faith.


What readers say about AnnaLee's books: 

"I have read all of AnnaLee’s books. They are great stories. Well written, engaging the reader, making me anxious to see what’s coming next. In Frontiers of Faith, I was delighted to read the history of missions, missionaries, and recognize names of people heard of in the past. In her novels, the way people and events are woven together was masterful. Thank you for your writing skills, imagination, and Alaskan geography. The stories of the characters are gripping. Keep writing."

Rev. Donald Richardson
Tampa, Florida
Former Secretary-Treasurer of the New York District of the Assemblies of God

"Just finished reading your series, “Alaskan Waters Trilogy”. I loved it. After 38 years living in Alaska, I learned a lot of new things about Alaska. The story kept me reading longer and later. The characters were hardy and faced real life struggles. You wrote so well on who we should remember as our strength in time of struggles. Thank you dear lady!"

–Ann Stone Aiken, Eagle River, Alaska


Alaskan Waters Series

Beside Still Waters

Book Three in the Alaskan Waters Series

Is she jumping from a city firetrap into a wilderness icebox?

Violet Channing, orphaned at a young age, is tossed about by
life’s turbulent waters when the aunt who raised her dies. She
wants nothing more than to be a schoolteacher. Living in a Boston
tenement in 1915, barely able to survive, she accepts a job as a live-in teacher for a sick child in the harsh Yukon Territory.

Sailing up the Inside Passage of Alaska, she falls in love with a dashing Yukon riverboat captain. Just when her life feels as beautiful as her new surroundings, tragedy strikes again. Can Violet allow her losses to make her better not bitter and learn to love again in this continuing saga of the loves, tragedies, and second chances of a Norwegian immigrant family who must battle the beautiful but often dangerous waters of early twentieth century Southeast Alaska?


What readers say about Beside Still Waters: 

"AnnaLee Conti’s Beside Still Waters takes us to the Alaskan frontier in 1915, with all its beauty and all its danger. Much like the Yukon Territory she comes to love, Violet Channing is a heroine we embrace through her heartaches and through her triumphs.

And heartaches she has a plenty. Beside Still Waters is at times honestly heart wrenching, and I confess that I was tempted to put it in the freezer a couple of times a la Joey on Friends. The sheer amount of grief that Violet has to endure hangs heavy over the reader too – a testament to the writer’s ability to connect us to this main character. From the beginning, nothing at all turned out the way I predicted as I read this tender story. And yet… especially in light of the other books in this series… it all turned out exactly as it was supposed to. And as Violet begins to understand more clearly how God is near to the brokenhearted, how He leads us beside still waters, we too as readers are reminded of His gentle hand in our own lives."


" Another excellent story! You have done another excellent job of weaving the gospel and family story into a historical time frame that, to me at least, though fiction, is most believable. May God bless you as you continue to write."


" I really enjoyed this book a lot. I thought the writing was perfect. Just when I thought things were going right and she would get her happy ending something would happen and shift the tides. I loved watching the character grow with each turn that came her way. Loved everything about this book."

Harvey Burian
Parksville, BC Canada

Alaskan Waters Series

A Star to Steer By

Book Two in the Alaskan Waters Series

“Oh, Kristina, what have I done? No matter what you hear about me, you’re the one I love.”

Norman Pedersen hunches his body into the biting wind as he stands at the bow of the seiner. Even that discomfort does not distract him from the relentless, crushing pain in his heart.

Full of hope and ambition, he had come to Alaska to make his fortune and return to Norway to marry Kristina Michelsen, the love of his life. The future had looked so promising.

Charmed by the beautiful but conniving Cecilia, he now feels like a man condemned to a life sentence. He's let down everyone he loves.
Will Norman ever find his true "star to steer by" in this exciting sequel to Till the Storm Passes By?


What readers say about A Star to Steer By: 

"Anna Lee continues her gorgeous Alaskan Waters series with this tender and touching story of faith and the power of love. A young couple so obviously in love strive to keep their connection despite the turbulent events in their lives. The author has such a skill with description I felt I was in Alaska and Norway with her characters. Engrossing and perfectly-paced, A Star To Steer By is a timeless love story."

L. L. Treacy

“An excellent book! AnnaLee writes with such beautiful detail, I felt like I was in Norway and Alaska. I could not put the book down. I can hardly wait for book 3 of this series.

Susan Griffith

“This is a very inspiring book. I could not put it down. I read it in one day. It is a wonderful love story that is guided by the love of God.”

Shirley J. LeFevre

Alaskan Waters Series

Till the Storm Passes By

Book One in the Alaskan Waters Series

“Mommy! Wake up!” a little girl screams. But the woman on the beach lies cold and wet and still.

Evie Parker is plagued by a recurring nightmare from her childhood—who is the woman in her dream? What does it mean?

A deathbed confession compels Evie to leave her home in Rhode Island and travel to the Territory of Alaska, where she struggles to unravel a past shrouded in mystery. Can she come through storms, both natural and emotional, to open her heart to true love?

Author AnnaLee Conti’s gripping story explores the power of secrets, love, and forgiveness.


What readers say about Till the Storm Passes By: 

"This is the best Christian fiction I have ever read! So thankful that more books in the series are in the works! AnnaLee Conti is an incredibly talented writer. As I read the book I kept thinking how amazing it was that this is her first novel. She is very gifted. If you're looking for a book that includes a love story, intrigue and a beautiful setting this will not disappoint.."

Alison Storm
Ambassador International

“Just finished reading Till the Storm Passes By. I was very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the story. You have done an excellent job of composing a very interesting, suspenseful, and exciting story. I appreciated the various unexpected surprise incidents/ moments and the vivid descriptions of the Alaska coastline and communities. Very well done. I look forward to your next book with the continuing story of the Pedersen family.

Harvey Burian
Parksville, British Columbia, Canada

“Enjoyed your book (Till the Storm Passes By) very much.”

Dasie Daugherty
Missionary to Alaska

“I enjoyed your book (Till the Storm Passes By) very much. Your style flows naturally, and the characters and story are real.”

Dee McNeill
Missionary to Latin America

“I read your book Till the Storm Passes By on my Kindle. It’s a great story. Very good! Kept me turning pages. Loved all the Alaska place descriptions. Can’t wait for the next one.”

Elizabeth Baker
Fairbanks, Alaska

“I’m enjoying your book (Till the Storm Passes By). Admire your writing, your ability to move into a story and make things happen, giving meaning to each event. I read not only for entertainment but also for introspection, for elements of character, growth, and how to put it all into life experiences—perspective. Will love sharing this book. Look forward to the next!”

Roxana Crabb Ericsson
Missionary to Latin America, Grew up in Alaska

“Just finished reading Till the Storm Passes By. It was fantastic! Wonderful love story with encouraging words.”

Deb Turner
Tieton, Washington

“I just finished reading Till the Storm Passes By and wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed it. Your descriptions of Alaska made me ‘see’ it, and the characters were well-defined. The plot kept me reading to find out what was going to happen. Can’t wait for the next book to be published! God bless…and keep writing. You have a gift!”

Sharon Roser
Ministry Wife
Howard Beach, New York

“Love the book!”

Susan Lowe Griffith
Ministry Wife
Springfield, Missouri

"You are an excellent writer!!! I couldn’t put down Till the Storm Passes By, and I’m a slow reader. I read it in two days. I enjoyed reading a book that I could relate to the setting in which it was written.Loved how you brought the spiritual life in and about working through hurts to be able to forgive someone who has hurt you. Thank you!!"

Patty Blackwell Vaughn, lived in Juneau, Alaska, as a child in the late forties and early fifties


Frontiers of Faith

"Alaska—Land of Ice and Snow? Why would you want to go there?" was the response when Carl and Florence Personeus told people of their call to Alaska as missionaries in 1917. No accurate information about Alaska was available, but the newlyweds embarked on their journey to "The Last Frontier" by faith.

During their sixty-five years in Alaska, the Personeuses weathered twenty-foot snowfalls, hurricane-force Taku winds, fires, a deadly flu epidemic, a bone-jarring dogsled ride, avalanches, storms at sea, the strongest earthquake to ever hit North America, life-threatening illnesses, and painful injuries as they ministered in towns such as Juneau, Klukwan, Ketchikan, Pelican, Seward, Valdez.

Come along on their adventurous faith journey that spans the years from Gold Rush to Statehood and beyond in Alaska, America's "Last Frontier."


For free preview of Frontiers of Faith, and to buy, click:


What readers say about Frontiers of Faith: 

"Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the history of the Assemblies of God in Alaska. Your book helped fill in the many gaps I had in understanding the scope of ministry your grandparents had in Alaska. What a tremendous foundation they laid for the great work God wanted to accomplish in the North Land."

Rev. Roland Peretti
Freeland, Washington
Former Superintendent of the Alaska District

"Thank you for Frontiers of Faith. I think you have done a superb job of gathering material and presenting it in a very readable style. May your book of faith inspire many to a deeper desire to follow Jesus all the way!"

Rev. Agnes Rodli
Sultan, Washington
Missionary to Alaska & Greenland
Author of "North of Heaven",
"Alone in My Kayak", & "Strait Gate"

"Thank you for Frontiers of Faith. All the photos are so sharp. What a great task over 200 pages in finished form. It looks so interesting."

Edith Armstrong Miles
Liverpool, New York
Writer & Bible Teacher 

"The book, Frontiers of Faith, was so timely for me, and I thank you for it. Read it through from cover to cover your grandmother's poetry is amazing and so expressive in thought and the simple faith of your dear grandparents refreshed memories of that same simple faith in the life of my mother and father and their example to me the same simple message of life in Christ and the fullness of the Holy Spirit that touched my heart early in life.

I've been going through physical testing in the last few years. The accounts of your grandparents times in illnesses, needs, guidance, troubles, and their confidence in the Lord has bolstered my confidence anew. My God is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. Thank you for your account of two precious servants of the Lord your grandparents."

Rev. Lucille Williams       
High Falls, New York
Retired Home Missionary

"I'm writing to let you know how much I enjoyed the book, Frontiers of Faith. It brought back so many memories of the summer (1956) my husband and I spent in Pelican with the Personeuses, helping with Daily Vacation Bible School. Later, we were led by the Lord to Kenai and my husband went down in our plane, which was a difficult time for me. I remember you as a teenager. I so often think of you all and wondered where you were."
Rev. Betty Glick Ohse
Anchorage, Alaska
Retired Alaska Missionary

"I recently finished reading Frontiers of Faith, which you recently wrote. Since my father was connected with the Alaskan work, I was interested the name "Personeus" was known in our family. I was blest by reading it. My father Fred Vogler was mentioned several times in the book. It brought back many memories. I was a missionary in India and a good part of my work was in North India where your Aunt Matty [Personeus] was. You did a fine work in your writing, and I so enjoyed it. God has blessed the Alaskan field."

Rev. Kathryn Vogler
Rolla, Missouri
Retired Missionary to India


"Congratulations on the wonderful job you did on Frontiers of Faith, about your dear grandparents, Charles and Florence Personeus. It was very well written and I enjoyed reading it immensely. I was interested in the connection your grandmother, Florence, had with my dear mother, Ada Buchwalter, years ago how my mother encouraged Florence to seek for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and encouraged her to go to the Rochester Bible Training School where she received that experience. The pictures and poems were also very interesting additions to the book. There is another reference to my mother and Aunt Mary on p. 175, when they visited your grandparents in Valdez.

I'm glad you fulfilled your desire to write the book. It takes determination to carry through with projects such as this. To think, your grandparents spent 65 years in Alaska! Marvelous!"

Rev. Elsie Bolton Ezzo
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Daughter of Robert & Ada Buchwalter Bolton,
Missionaries to China, &
Retired minister from the New York District.
Author of Bought for a Dollar

"What an inspiration for faith-building! Your grandparents were very special people, greatly used of God, leaving a mighty legacy of how to live and trust God every day. This book should be required reading in our Missionettes and youth departments, in our churches as a missions education project!"

Mr. & Mrs. Howard R. Yates
Greeley, Colorado
Former Alaskans (Juneau & Cordova)

 "I was able to identify with your grandparents experiences living through Alaskan winters and in small isolated communities. Reading their accounts took me back to many similar, though not as rugged, experiences of my own: chopping and crossing glaciers in the roads, seeing dog teams pulling Yukon sleds over the frozen surface, and living in a one-room home with no solid walls to divide up the space. Missing from my early experiences were the godly home and the faith, which your grandparents so strongly and visibly exhibited.

I also want to commend you for your part in the way you have recorded your grandparents experiences. I know it is their life stories you are telling, but you have presented them in such a way that the reader feels he or she is right there watching and hoping and praying with them. I appreciated your portrayal of God working in the daily lives of your grandparents. No one can read the book without being struck by, not only the faith of your grandparents, but the miracles He performed in their lives and the change He can bring about in those who trust Him as their Saviour and Lord.
Thank you for sharing a wonderful part of your heritage with me and with others who will read this exciting and stirring account."

Harvey Burian
New Westminster, British Columbia
Friend, who grew up in Mayo, Yukon Territory

AnnaLee Conti